Retaining Walls Calgary

Retaining Walls Calgary

With well-designed and well-placed retaining walls, you can protect your Calgary landscape from runoff and erosion. These walls effectively hold back soil and rocks. 

Our retaining walls Calgary experts have years of experience in designing and installing beautiful and functional retaining walls. We use an extensive array of high quality materials to ensure absolute quality and satisfying functionality. 

Our retaining wall Calgary services are designed to fit your budget and style. We will help you develop a retaining wall design that will complement your outdoor living space and landscape. 

Our Calgary landscaping experts provide professional retaining wall installation that ensures satisfying results. In case you have an existing retaining wall with some repair issues, we can also help you fix or upgrade it. No matter what your retaining walls needs are, we have something to offer you.

Benefits Of Our Calgary Retaining Walls Services 

Calgary Retaining walls are popular in residential and commercial landscaping nowadays. Good thing, our Calgary landscaping contractors are here to provide professional and budget-friendly retaining wall services, from design to the installation process.

Through our retaining wall services, we will add beautiful stonework and hardscaping into your property. We will help you transform your landscape into something beautiful and functional.

Having our retaining wall Calgary services also helps in managing the rainwater flow and preventing soil erosion. We will install the right type of retaining wall based on your property’s characteristics.

Besides, you can choose from our wide variety of retaining walls. Below are the popular options:

Gravity Retaining Walls 

This retaining wall uses sheer mass and weight to hold the soil in place. Unmortared stone, paver, and bricks are some of the few options available. Dry-stacked stone is also a popular choice.

Cantilevered Retaining Wall 

This retaining wall uses a retaining wall that is affixed to a slab foundation under the soil. Because of its strength, most commercial properties favor this style. 

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall 

This type of retaining wall is ideal for small spaces. It often comes in a vertically corrugated structure to ensure additional reinforcement.

Anchored Retaining Wall

This retaining wall is usually mechanically driven into the ground. Strips or cables are attaching the wall.

Other landscape retaining wall types:

  • Curved retaining walls
  • Concrete retaining walls 
  • Celtik retaining walls
  • Block retaining walls 
  • Mortared retaining walls 
  • Timber retaining walls 
  • Stacked stone retaining walls 
  • And many more

Why You Should Choose Our Retaining Walls Services 

When you are considering a Calgary landscaping improvement, choosing our landscaping Calgary based services ensures that installing a retaining wall is a good investment. We will bring more life and fun to your landscape without breaking the bank. We ensure that you will end up with a retaining wall that perfectly suits your style and budget.

As you choose us to handle our retaining wall services, you can experience the following advantages:

  • Increased property value 
  • Less maintenance and potential damage 
  • Better use of landscaping space 
  • Soil erosion prevention 
  • Solid residential or commercial property boundary marker 
  • Added attractive elements to landscaping 
  • Protection against flood damage 

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